Areas available to let 

Floor   Use Wing Lettable area Total area  Rent price per month
Additional costs Downloads
1st floor  Office  SOUTH + EAST approx. 195 + 303  approx. 498 m² from €9,50/ €2,50/m² Open PDF
1st floor  Office NORTH approx. 334 m² -
from €9,50/m² €2,50/m² Open PDF
Total - 1st floor Office SOUTH, EAST, NORTH - approx. 832 m² from €9,50/m²
Open PDF
2nd floor  Office  NORTH approx. 334 m² -
from €9,50/m²
€2,50/m²  Open PDF
3rd floor  Office  EAST approx. 266 m² - from €9,50/m² €2,50/m²  Open PDF
5th floor  Office NORTH  approx. 334 m²  - from €10,50/m²  €2,50/m²  Open PDF
5th floor  Office  SOUTH-WEST approx. 228 + 635 m² approx. 863 m²  from €10,50/m²  €2,50/m²  Open PDF
5th floor  Office  EAST approx. 280 m²  - from €10,50/m²  €2,50/m² Open PDF
Total - 5th floor  Office NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST - approx. 1.477 m²  from €10,50/m² €2,50/m²  Open PDF
Ground floor  Parking space - 40 - from €30,00/m² -  -

Energy certificate information

Type of energy certificate Consumption data
Primary energy consumption 65,7 kWh/(m²a)
Overall energy consumption 157,5 kWh/(m²a)
Main energy source District heating (KWH, renewable)
Date issued 30 September 2019
Year built 1992 / 2007
Valid until 29 September 2029